Kings Of Adventure

by Louis Webb/Disturbed Earth

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RICHARD ALMASI 'Outback ambient', this album carries an atmosphere of sun, dust and heat, as well as desolation and night. Another very unique album by Disturbed Earth. Favorite track: feeling the cold.


Louis Webb:

I'm very proud to be a part of this album. i had been making beats for a little while when dean and i started working together. i would send him tracks via email and he would do his thing to them... I'm not sure exactly what he did, but he did it good. one thing that i got out of working with dean on this album was the way he made me look at my music in a new light. this is because he would always get me to send my beats just as melodies, leaving out the drums. percussion is a big part of my music and taking it away gave me a different way to listen to and make my music. i hope you enjoy listening to kings of adventure.

Disturbed Earth:

This is a hard album to write about. And I'll be was the worst of times for me. This is the first album I did when I got back to Australia in August 2008. I'm so glad that Louis took the time to email me things/bits and pieces, that were a joy to work on/with, and would eventually lead to this release. It is an album of let downs and very little triumphs. Having said that...the album cover by Peter Webb, depicts the moving on/forward that we face, when we are faced with the things that have to make us still carry on/persevere. The instrumentation is real simple...Louis's synths...some found sounds...processed autoharp and some spur of the moment tape loops of what I thought fit. My "sound" was no longer at my fingertips at that time, so only the thought that working on what Louis sent me, was a way to begin again, so thanks Louis.


released September 21, 2012

Louis Webb: synths
Disturbed Earth: autoharp, sound loops, synth treatments and some guitar
Produced by Disturbed Earth
cover art and photograph: peter webb



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Disturbed Earth Melbourne, Australia

Dean Richards is Disturbed Earth.
I have been producing music using many and varied instruments, sound sources and techniques since early's what I do.
I gave this music/sound the name "Disturbed Earth" in 2000 in Zephyrhills, Florida USA.
Disturbed Earth lives exclusively on Magix
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