I am deeply affected by the passing of Doug

I live in Australia...I don't really know how to say this, Doug and I had arranged a time to talk yesterday my time at 12:20 Wednesday afternoon Australian time, Massachusetts time 9:20 pm Tuesday night. This was the first time we had spoken...I called him on his cell and we talked about our mutual love of each others music and his mom and it was good to hear his voice for the first time, as up until then we had only chatted online via the Stillstream chat room. We talked for exactly 26 mins which would make it around 9:46 Massachusetts time. He started to cough while we were talking, then he began to cough seriously, then he said he couldn't breathe. I said for him to hang up and call 911.

I heard things on the phone I cannot express here.

Having now been in touch with his closest friend via email I now know what happened

We knew each other for only a short time...5 weeks maybe, and within that one call...our conversation was full of expectation for the future...his mum, his new magnum opus, a Lily Pond Orchestra/Disturbed Earth collaboration using his midi and notation thing that I know nothing about and my analog harmonium/guitar loop stuff that he knew about.

This is a track I recorded using pedal harmonium and guitar. Instead of the usual thing I do...I played a guitar that wept...

I called this track "ivy" after our mutual love of the composer Charles Ives, and the way that Lily Pond Orchestra's music surrounds naturally...growing tendril by tendril, leaf by leaf to reveal the fragility of things.

Goodnight Doug...sweet dreams

This track is in memory of Lily Pond Orchestra aka Douglas JP Lee


released October 30, 2012

Disturbed Earth: pedal harmonium, guitar, binaural field recordings

cover design and back cover photo by pixyblink



all rights reserved


Disturbed Earth Melbourne, Australia

Dean Richards is Disturbed Earth.
I have been producing music using many and varied instruments, sound sources and techniques since early 1975...it's what I do.
I gave this music/sound the name "Disturbed Earth" in 2000 in Zephyrhills, Florida USA.
Disturbed Earth lives exclusively on Magix
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