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Hotel is the first in a series of albums that were released on the AtmoWorks label between 2007 and 2010. They're being re-released here in FLAC format with original cover art.

The Hotel Story

Through the fogsmoke of southern humidity, I found and bought a little place amongst grandfather oaks that were covered with spanish moss and creepers in Zephyrhills, Florida, I called it my hotel. It was the place I became Disturbed Earth and put that name to the music I had been doing since the late 70's.

The place was only 680 square feet and Steve Brand's incredible cover has captured the room where I would sometimes sit and watch a late night movie on the television after coming home from a local club where I liked to go out dancing.

I bought wind chimes from Walmart, Kash N' Karry, thrift stores, crystal shops and out of the way places...then hung them around the outside of my house, the metal ones on the front porch and the bamboo/wood ones at the back.(My bedroom was at the back).
When it stormed... those great tropical storms, I recorded them smashing around at random, the rain the heat and the bugs. A great deal of this album was recorded live during a few of these storms. That pretty much describes the songs "Shanty", "Hotel" and "Jalousie".

The song "Outboard" was first recorded a few blocks up on the same street at my friends' house, Gaz and Glendal. I wanted to record their unique sounding fountain. Since we all lived near a small airport one light homebuilt plane insisted on flying around...I shook my fist and finally gave up...I listened to the recording when I got back to my hotel studio...Eq'd the fountain out and went for the plane instead.

The song "Greasy" comes from cooking, as the place was so small I had to take out the smoke detectors even to boil water let alone make hush-puppies.

I checked in and finally checked out of my little hotel.

So the instrumentation is Pedal Harmonium,Guitar Tape Loops,Outside Sounds,Inside Sounds that incl.Coffee Pot,Fake Cigarette Lighter and Telephone Calls.

Thank you so much Steve Brand for creating the greatest cover for my hotel.


released August 10, 2012

Disturbed Earth: Pedal Harmonium, Guitar, Binaural Recordings of Tropical Storms, wooden bamboo and metal wind chimes. Reel To Reel tape delay system.Production and Structure

Cover art and Design by Steve Brand.



all rights reserved


Disturbed Earth Melbourne, Australia

Dean Richards is Disturbed Earth.
I have been producing music using many and varied instruments, sound sources and techniques since early's what I do.
I gave this music/sound the name "Disturbed Earth" in 2000 in Zephyrhills, Florida USA.
Disturbed Earth lives exclusively on Magix
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